Our Story



LABO is a space for deep thinkers; it is a laboratory for the curious and the culturally inclined, for those predisposed to pushing, pulling and probing for more. 


Birthed in 2016, LABO was an organic progression from the initial company concept of earlier publication, tête-à-tête &PLATE. Though both iterations shared the core philosophy of finer inspection, our understanding of this ethos developed over time, eventually outgrowing the margins of our original project. While the purpose of tête-à-tête &PLATE was to advocate a culture of slow living, LABO invites readers to view their contemporary world through a lens of romantic contemplation. Rather than espousing a certain lifestyle, LABO is an invitation to meaningfully examine the oft-overlooked in the belief that doing so enriches us and improves our lives.

As a homage to our humble roots, we concur the importance of tête-à-tête, where new ideas grow and deeper truths are uncovered through simple and earnest conversation.

Upon creating LABO, the aim was to answer: how do we connect? Ideas, things, places, thoughts. From there, how do we experience and share these connections? How do we make these considerations accessible, digestible, interactive and experiential?

There was a fervent desire to bring curious and discerning minds together, to create a destination for like-minded individuals seeking recommendations, wider reading and indulgence. A space that bridged high and low culture, that focused not on forecasting trends or capturing opinions but rather on considering the abstractions that lie behind the everyday. Eschewing the superfluous, our desire is to actualise these intimations into something that is timeless, sophisticated and compelling.

LABO was created with the desire to marry several opposing dichotomies and to find the point of curiosity in between. Sensorial and cognitive, what we feel and what we think, traditional and contemporary, timeless but current, digestible yet meaningful, etcetera. How do we get people to indulge, to be inquisitive and to question things? I feel like in the world that we live in today, we are often transfixed on what is. Rarely do we consider why it is and how it relates and connects, and beyond.

Derived from the word laboratory, LABO is a collective of people that seek to gaze deeper. We always speak about having an alternate lens, probing or inspecting. We truly are a contemporary laboratory that scrutinises, uncovers and searches for further meaning behind the everyday.

This season couldn’t be a more fitting introduction to LABO. Tacit imbues impeccably what we are trying to do, which is to uncover and articulate intimations of the unspoken. Tacit articulates so powerfully our belief that everything, no matter how banal, is interconnected. Nothing exists in isolation.

LABO is purposed to explore the nuances and universalities that have yet to be articulated through a multiform application. Multimedia plays a fundamental part in how we share our lens. It’s all about creating a space that is fully experiential, that expands beyond text and screen.

Ultimately, LABO is a reminder of the value of enquiry and consideration despite the fast-paced modern life we exist within today. I want our content to unsettle minds, breathe new light, and tap into our romantic selves.



Founder & Creative Director