Exploring Sleep

The unchanging stage of a bedroom becomes the backdrop of constant movement – between two unconscious individuals acting independently from each other, and in momentary symbiosis.


The Unconscious

Much has been said about the unconscious. Sigmund Freud understood it as a reservoir of thoughts, feelings and memories that lie just outside of our awareness, yet shaping our behaviour in numerous, at times insidious, ways. Sleep is a state where the unconscious manifests, spinning tales of desires repressed in the waking world. Salvador Dali painted sleep as a heavy, giant head and a tapering, shapeless body suspended in the air by crutches, depicting the separation between the body and the mind as we dream. Songs often speak of sleep as a realm that we can escape to, a space to imagine lost loves and missed opportunities. The Everly Brothers famously crooned the lyrics: “when I want you, all I have to do is dream.”

Created in association with MSQUARE Productions, Sleep eschews abstraction in order to inspect human connection at its simplest and most vulnerable. Creatively reimagined through the metaphor of slumber, we invite you to navigate the push and pull of two individuals through unnamed forces of change and the unwavering currents of time. Love is like a dream.


Love is Like A Dream

We enter the realm of sleep. Bodies curious, wondering but separate, asynchronous rhythms like instruments struggling towards harmony, nightingales searching for the same tune. Physically, we see distance, tension, fluttering eyelids and wandering fingertips. Bodies moulded into questions.


Heady, overwhelming, fragrant love. Bodies are enveloped, limbs intertwined as they seek to devour the other. Sensory overload. Curves and edges, not symbiotic but searching, gluttonous, seeking harmony. Fervent.

Unconscious Synchronicity

Momentary symbiosis. The euphoric in-between that exists between the push and pull of connection and disconnection, the sensation of weightlessness between slumber and wakefulness where we exist, floating between realms in complete awareness of the other. Bodies move in symbiosis, slow, sensual, each act unhurried as
bodies exist outside of space and time. In unison.


Separation is gradual, not punctuated by a conflict of limbs but by slow, imperceptible movements that mount together to create disharmony. A body turns and the other does not follow. The warmth of the other becomes foreign. Unaware, they move through time. The distance engulfs them.

In Search of Warmth

Asynchronous bodies on either edge of the bed. One turns, seeking the familiarity eroded by unconscious ness and is unable to find it. What does it feel to wake and realise that you no longer know the person lying beside you? A search for warmth, for the anchor that once kept them from floating through space only to find that the threads of connection have been worn by neglect. All dreams are borrowed time, pockets of space that, though momentary, can echo throughout our lives. We seek these echoes, search for the source but unable to find it, we wake.