Intimate Spaces: JD Lee

In our first instalment of Intimate Spaces, we explore Jeremy Lee's workspace -- a second home, a place where energy is transformed into action, where the desire to create burns.


On JD Lee

Furniture Designer & Founder of JD Lee Furniture

What is an intimate space? A place of privacy, reflection and nourishment? A dwelling configured by one’s habits and relationships, objects acting as concrete images of an intangible state of mind? A space that facilitates unadulterated thought, imbued with an energy that allows us to express our innermost selves? Here, we speak to Jeremy Lee about his private sanctuary and uncover what the concept of ‘intimate space’ means to him.


Introduction Chynna Lao
Essay Isabella Chow
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Images Lauren Phillips

“It still feels like the bare bones, you know, but these tools have been with me for years and that’s what makes it feel like home.”

Jeremy Lee


When we consider our own intimate spaces, we are often filled with a sense of calm. These spaces are a net of sorts, a catchment of emotions, memories, and habits. For Jeremy Lee, the man behind JDLee Furniture, an intimate space is a second home, a place where the desire to create burns: "the energy fills me up…when I walk in here, it’s all about bringing things to life - bringing ideas to life.”


Sitting in Jeremy’s new workshop, light strikes across the wall from a high narrow window, illuminating the fine lines and intricacies of his newest piece. The white brick walls run high, bare where tools are not carefully hung or shelved. The tool boards, cabinets, and storage are all his creations. There is a warmth to the space - the kind that only quality timber can give to an otherwise cold, industrial space.

His intimate space is a place of creation, for himself and for others. It is a place where energy is transformed into a tangible product - “being able to hold onto it, in your hands, not just as a thought or feeling, is amazing.” He designs for others by designing for himself, considering everything that he would want in a piece of furniture so that the final product is an extension of himself and his values. “I always struggle with the question, what inspires me? Because the answer is everything - from media, to walking on the beach, to spending time with my family. It’s a reflection of what I love and what I want.”

"The energy fills me up…when I walk in here, it’s all about bringing things to life - bringing ideas to life.”


“JDLee furniture is about a holistic approach. It’s not about making money or pumping things out - it’s about balance. To make sure that the design process is looked at holistically - from where I get my materials from, to how I use them and where the waste ends up. Who owns the piece? How can I make it more durable? The whole process needs to be thought out to the best of my ability as a designer and as the manufacturer.”



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