Cosmic Advice: Natalia Benson on a Meaningful Life

What does it mean to live mindfully, meaningfully, well? Cosmic advice from astrologer and modern mystic, Natalia Benson.


What does it mean to live mindfully, meaningfully, well? This week, we revisit the wisdom of modern mystic Natalia Benson, whose spirituality is grounded on “self-accountability and knowing how to have an honest conversation with yourself and with the universe.” We ask her: what are some practical habits and frames of mind that can aid different signs in modern living?


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Slow down and be patient. Not everything has to go on your schedule and not everything has to go so fast. There is power in knowing when to wait and see what happens instead of pushing hard for a particular outcome.


When you feel sluggish or anxious, be out in Nature or pamper yourself. But also have the self-awareness to know when to light a fire under your bum. Balancing between these two states of being is what can make you powerful.


Ground yourself, especially when you are getting way too trapped in your head analysing everything. Be willing to feel your feelings, and don’t just objectify them. There is so much empowering energy available to you when you feel and not just think.


Be willing to honour your sensitivity, see it as a strength instead of a burden. Part of your gift to the people in your life is your nurturing ability and your ability to honour your emotions. Don't drown them out, your feelings are a gift.


Don't let your pride get in the way of being vulnerable, people want to show up for you just as much as you show up for them, but you have to let them. Slowing down your peace with meditation or time spent near water can calm nerves and a fiery disposition when you feel like life is just a lot.


Meditation and Nature are your biggest healers, your mind is brilliant but also incredibly overactive most of the time. Temper your work flow with attention to health and relationships that nourish your spirit.


In moments of your indecision, make space to give to yourself by getting into your body instead of staying up in the faculties of the mind. Grounding practices are also really important for you as you can think and think your way through an issue in your life, instead of allowing it to unfold in its own energy while you stay centered in your own ability to act and ground in and for yourself.


Your intensity can often manifest in your life via overworking or via an obsession with something or someone. There is a unique mix or both fire & water energy inherent to your Zodiac sign. Open yourself up and ask for help when you really need it. Take space from a situation or problem that arises by expressing yourself and getting your thoughts straight before reacting.


Balance your incessant need to work and create by slowing down and taking life as it comes. But also be aware of your tendency to just expect things to work out without any handy work on your part. Your unique balance circumvents between expecting, creating and taking action on things you don't always enjoy doing but need to.


Temper seriousness with joy and remember that life isn't all about working and rising to the top of the proverbial mountain. You are one of the most disciplined signs, but also let yourself be nurtured and tap into your child-like wonder here and there. It will nourish your soul.


Accept your uniqueness and don't over analyse your faults or anyone else’s. There is a power in honouring your feelings versus just thinking through stuff as you have an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture, know that this is an asset versus feeling overwhelmed. Incorporate it into your work or projects.


When your emotions feel like too much, tap into your incredible intuition and remember that everything that comes up through your powerful emotionality has a message for you. Time spent in or near water is deeply important for your mental and emotional well-being.



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