A Letter from Edana

On the journey of LABO, from then to now.
A letter from our founder, Edana.


A Letter

Recollections and acknowledgements from our founder

Words Edana Isobel Jamora
Image Ivy Erlinger

What a reward it is to finally share LABO with you. LABO is officially a thing, out in this world, ready to be received.

After two years in development I have witnessed LABO evolve and develop into many different iterations and forms. I couldn’t be happier to finally share LABO for what it is today for the humble yet ambitious spirited dream it is.

Today marks the official launch of LABO, which adds a little nostalgia to the many years and chapters spent on the creation of its actualisation. I always had visions of a space that hosted deep conversations, curious thinking and likened minds and now that’s exactly what LABO is.

I distinctly remember hosting a dinner party at my home one evening with the company of close friends as we discussed questions that we had no answers to over wine and good food. I remember thinking that there was nothing more fulfilling than to be around like-minded individuals, posing questions about the world around us over a well-prepared meal. After the creation of our previous form – tête-à-tête &PLATE, we harnessed the same spirit and developed LABO.

In such a saturated market, there was a strong craving to make something bold and new. A game-changer. Something that married the constant lust for tradition and new forms – having meaningful conversations with friends over wine, but shared in a way that expands beyond nations and seas. How do you find authenticity? How do you create something original and impactful that is just as equally extraordinary as it is relevant and genuine enough for people to care?


"It was a desire to bring together like-minded people, no matter where they were. Simply put, I wanted to celebrate human connection."

This was all a potent vision and I distinctly remember when we made the switch to LABO from tête-à-tête &PLATE. It was after meeting my now dear friend and Managing Editor, Chynna Lao whilst working on tête-à-tête &PLATE.

We untapped new ground and found ourselves (and to this day continue to find ourselves) having conversations about the meanings of things, their significance and the world around us. It was the perfect elixir, the grounding foundation of what LABO was to become.

The past two years have been so memorable, full of so many little milestones that at the moment seemed inconsequential but amount to so much in hindsight. From Chynna and I sitting at a tea café (office-less) drawing company logos on Paint, conceptualising and creating a skeleton of what LABO was to become, to taking in our first intern. Chynna is a wizard with words. She never ceases to surprise me -- with how impeccably she can put things down on paper, to how well she can translate my crazy, all-over-the-place thought process into a streamlined, concise single thought that actually makes sense, to knowing exactly what to say or more so, how to say it. Her mind works wonders and my goodness, if there is a person that lives and breathes LABO it would be her. Thank you so much Chynna, you are one of the most nurturing, feeling, hard working and passionate individuals that I have come to know and I have nothing but awe and adoration for you. I have never connected cognitively with another human more. Thank you for finding this, for sharing the same vision and for feeling as fervently passionate about creating something alongside me. I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

To the team of LABO, the most loyal, dedicated, hardworking and passionate individuals. What luck we have struck with you guys in our team. You guys do what you do because you are just as passionate about creating and sharing as we are. Finding the right people was one of the hardest things but meeting you all and having you onboard sharing our vision has undoubtedly been one of the most rewarding.

Ashleigh Goodchild, Editorial Coordinator - one of the warmest souls I have encountered. Your calm and bright disposition was so essential to soothing a stressful day with a crazy schedule. You carry out your job so effortlessly, and with such positivity and radiance.

Ara Veena Park, Production Coordinator - You eccentric lady, your loyalty, candour and honesty is something I cherish deeply and your surprising softness soothes. Your attention to detail and dedication to perfection in the work that you carry out never ceases to amaze me.

Nicole Alexandra, Design Assistant – Thank you for your grounded and pragmatic demeanour, your sprightly spirit and can- do attitude.

Isabella Chow, Editorial Assistant – You elusive creature, you were always a pleasant surprise.  Thank you for your voice and your presence.

LABO girls, so many wonderful moments and memories. Look how far we’ve come. We did it.

A big thank you to MSQUARE Productions, our official media partner, and my sister Mia Danica Jamora (Founder) and Michael Cristian Greene (Founder) for your continuous support in the growth of LABO. Thank you for allowing LABO to find home in the offices of MSQUARE Productions and for treating us like we are part of the crew. Mia Danica, you are my rock – thank you for being the best role model in navigating this crazy adventure of starting something.

My beautiful family, particularly my dearest mother and father who have always been my biggest supporters, who never questioned my questionable paths but just cheered me on and supported me with such belief and fearlessness - I could not have done this without you both. Thank you for instilling in me an entrepreneurial and passionate spirit. Thank you for making it a part of my daily growing up.

LABO is a testament to doing what you love and making nothings into somethings. There are so many bright and beautiful plans for LABO in the future and I cannot wait to share them with you all. I just want it to be the very best that it can be and hope that it can touch souls and ignite people wherever it may land. All in due time; right now we’ll enjoy this huge milestone. I have so much respect for anyone who is a creator or an entrepreneur, or anyone who is bold enough to embark on this journey. It has several highs and lows that are almost indescribable, almost impossible to understand unless you experience them first handedly – I reflect on the magnitude and scale of this journey and I am so proud to be a part of this impactful, passionate, soulful labour of love alongside the most incredible and loyal team.

Endless thank you’s to everyone who was a big part in the making of LABO and to everyone who is connecting and discovering this space. You are part of LABO now and I’m so thrilled to see where this journey will take us. My heart is singing.

E. x


Special Thanks:

Mia Danica Jamora
Michael Cristian Greene
Will Killen
Ceri Anne Jones
Callum Smit
Matthew Wideman
Stefanie Blanch
Cathy Luo
Kai Lao
Katie Ring
Rupert Chestman
Elliot Jay O'Neill
Jess Farley
Gavin Guan
Sid Tinney
Sarah Lim
Ivy Erlinger
Calvin Wang
Miwa Worrall
Lillie ThompsonCherry Cheung
Gabriella Gibbs
Stefanie Vatos
Jessica Lindsay
Konstantin Sonnenkind
Laura Hutchinson
Don Buppapirak
Cam Batten
Kellie Slack
Amath Magnan
Cody Crumpler
Dale Alexander Bremner
Sotiris Sotiriou
Courtney Jones
Bonnie Chai
Joseph Tenni
Luis Piazzetta
Yuma Yamashita
Kimberley Ching
Nic Gossage
Ebony Gallagher
Ryan Byrne
Vasili Vasileiadis
Lauren Phillips
Jasmine Abdallaoui


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