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Anatomy of:
Alana Wilson

Sydney-based in her beachside studio, Alana Wilson responds to the environment she exists within and the duality of object and experience. She references modes of history and what it means to participate in the future. Here, we uncover the inherently tacit nature of Alana Wilson’s ceramic oeuvre.

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Conversations with inspired thinkers and makers

Marie du
Petit Thouars

Jonas Risvig

Erica Zhu

Iva Foschia

Ash James



Cultural artefacts from around the globe that inspire, scintillate and provoke thought, selected weekly by our editorial team. This week: Three novels about culture that contemplate our connection to place


The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, Arundhati Roy

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness is a sprawling exploration of modern India, the polity, and the myriad social, political, religious and cultural issues brewing beneath the surface of everyday life. Lush prose stretches over both terror and hope as Anjum, a transgender woman, and Tilo, an architect, embark on two individual journeys woven in the fringes of society.



Here I Am, Jonathan Saftan Foer

Here I Am documents the tribulations of four generations of a Jewish family as they navigate ordeals of identity, loss and the meaning of home. Set in contemporary Washington, D.C., Here I Am balances personal catastrophe and political crisis, yet focuses not on grand movements; rather, through humorous and at times achingly sorrowful intimations, Jonathan Safran Foer paints the gritty details that inevitably come to light when individuals come unstitched at the seams.


The Vegetarian, Han Kang

The Vegetarian is visceral, sensual, provocative and violent. A three-part novella set in Modern Seoul, The Vegetarian tells the story of a woman whose decision to stop eating meat after a dream leads to a violent and resonant tumult. Both a parable about quiet resistance and a contemplation of agency and conformity within South Korean culture, Han Kang expertly navigates issues of power, taboo and the twisted transformation of the soul.






“Music is the best means we have of digesting time,” Igor Stravinsky once proclaimed. To celebrate the arrival of each season, our editors have compiled tangentially related musical favourites.

Winter 2018: Rhythm and blues to accompany jaunts through elaborate concrete jungles. Music to enliven and invigorate during the winter chill and rain. Featuring Kanye West, The Internet, A$AP Rocky, Prince, Durand Jones & The Indications, among others.

Autumn 2018: Inspired by golden evenings, the onset of autumn chill and flickering candlelight. Featuring Sango, The XX, Cat Clyde, Rhye, The Crystals and Angus & Julia Stone, among others.