As sensual beings we encourage gracing five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. We seek to create content that balances the richness of sensory experience with the desire to gaze deeper. Rather than doing so with great affectation and superfluousness, we wish to actualise these intimations in a manner that is simple, sophisticated and compelling.

LABO hosts creative conversations and meditations that move beyond banal, prosaic responses to changing trends and passing fancies. We argue that style is not reflective of one’s ability to ride the current of culture, nor is it merely expressed in the quality and flair of one’s dress. Instead, our approach is defined by an uncompromising belief that style is a manner and practice of being, an extension of one’s grace and character digested through all aspects of presence and action.

Furthermore, integral to our practice of slow consideration is the appreciation and reverence of elegant design. We believe in the utmost importance of harmonising beauty and functionality, exploring the creative processes, considerations and construction of quality objects. While we reject tenets such as materialism and gluttony, we believe that the decisions we make regarding the materials that enrich our lives speak strongly of who we are and what we value. Uncovering the forms and functions of timeless objects is thus an exercise in understanding the essence of others, as well as ourselves.

Stripped bare, LABO can be framed as an invitation to gaze at our unique and interconnected worlds with a lens of admiration and enlightened scrutiny. A laboratory of cognitive and sensorial enquiry, LABO is a reminder that in spite of the bustle perpetuated in our fast-paced modern existence, there is value in the slow consideration of details and in the tête-à-tête of deeper truths.