The LABO Collective is a coterie that celebrates LABO culture and brand values through the indulgence of material that is created with incident, consideration, purpose and that of which is continuously pushing the benchmark. LABO, in essence (as derived from the word) is a laboratory of conceptualised notions and inspections explored under the LABO lens.

We don’t aspire to have a loud voice. Rather we desire to express simplistic intimations that are timeless, compelling, stimulating and that hold universal truths whilst being distinctively LABO. We aim to highlight the importance of examining the often overlooked in the everyday.

We want our work to be an experience, a pursuit of discovery and our space to foster learning, inspiration and communication. 

The LABO Collective is comprised of creatives, deep thinkers and inquisitive minds hailing near and far,. We are bound by shared attitudes and beliefs, and are constantly inspired by environments, culture, history, art, design, philosophy and more.

With our philosophy of things not existing in isolation, it is only apropos that we revere the individuals and the pieces of work that speak true to LABO.


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