LABO is a digital publication that advocates a culture of finer inspection. We are a creative community that seeks to navigate quality articles and objects, as well as the ideas that underpin such, believing unequivocally that meaningfully examining the oft-overlooked enriches us and improves our lives. Our purpose is not merely to inquire; rather, it is through our methodical deconstruction of form, function and process that we are able to consider the abstractions that lie behind the everyday. 

Rather than style and design being single-faceted we inspect the two considerations as a practice, a manner and an experience that can be elevated beyond simple consumerism.

With the philosophy of things not existing in isolation, LABO further inspects this stance through fusing traditional and contemporary applications within meditations, conceptualised photography, film and various other mediums.

Despite being digitally based, we involve ourselves in highly conceptual works that are process driven, meditative and more exploratory in subject matter. We aim for our works to be an experience, a vessel for learning, inspiration and our space to host cognitive and sensorial discovery.